How to train smarter for General Running Fitness & 5K races to Marathons

-, Training-How to train smarter for General Running Fitness & 5K races to Marathons

In this blog we will take you through how to train smarter for general running fitness and preparation for your big race day, from 5k to a full marathon.

How many times have you heard that the only way to get better at running is to run? I presume quite a lot, and to a certain degree this is true. Blitz Run take great pride in hosting awesome races but also in producing personal best times from the runners. The way we will achieve this is to educate the running community on how to train smarter and not necessarily harder. Read on to find out how you can kick start your body into giving you faster races with very little extra effort from your training regime.

Strength and Conditioning within running

The gym is your friend so don’t think you will get injured from introducing weights into your running programme. In fact resistance training will make you stronger, faster, increase endurance and help prevent running related injuries.

By completing 1-2 simple strength and conditioning sessions each week, lasting around 45 minutes, you will see your results rapidly improve within weeks. The logic behind introducing strength training into a running programme is simple. The more powerful each stride, the faster you will run. The longer your core stays tight during a run, the more efficiently you run, resulting in a more streamlined technique, allowing you to push that extra bit at the end where previously you felt you had nothing left.

All in all we are looking to increase the functionality of your output with quicker recovery. Read on to see a basic programme that all runners can use. This programme will not be individualised so tweaks may need to be made for each runner, depending on your goals. For the amateur to intermediate runner, this will be perfect.

Strength and Conditioning programme

This programme is for the first 4-6 weeks. After this period we recommend finding yourself a personal trainer who has experience in training runners to take your training to the next stage.

Exercise Reps/Sets Notes
Back Squat* 15×3 Not to failure, increase weight every 2 weeks by 5kg.
Front rack walking lunges* 12×3 2x Dumbells held at shoulders, increase weight every two weeks
Hamstring curl machine * 15×3 Slow up, powerful down
Calf raise machine* 15×3 Slow and controlled, increase weight each week
Leg press* 15×3 Increase weight every 2 weeks. Not to failure
Core Time/Sets  
Plank* 30 secx3 Increase by 10 seconds each week
Side Plank* 15 sec x3 Increase by 10 seconds each week


* If you have any questions regarding progression after 6 weeks of this programme, email

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