How to train smarter for General Running Fitness & 5K races to Marathons

In this blog we will take you through how to train smarter for general running fitness and preparation for your big race day, from 5k to a full marathon. How many times have you heard that the only way to get better at running is to run? I presume quite a lot, and to a [...]

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Sports massage for recovery and performance

In sport we train to progress, but lack the ability to understand how our body is a machine and to progress consistently, efficiently and without injury we should become like a ‘well oiled’ machine in order to achieve these points.  Would you consider driving your car 10,000-20,000 miles per year without getting it serviced? Let [...]

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Race day nutrition guide

A 5/10K is going to take you anywhere between under 15minutes and over 60minutes to complete. This may seem like a short space of time but you’re likely to be putting your body under a lot of strain and the energy demand will be high. The answer to this is preparing your body with good [...]

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